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Well dare I say it ? I think that over the last several hours I have noticed that my cough and cold is less pronounced. Thank goodness for that because I am completely fed up with it and have even had to cancel sessions with my subs because of it.

I am looking forward to my session tomorrow with one of my subs …. and also looking forward to Saturday to see if I have some new domestic/pleasure slaves


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Domestic Slaves

Well since dismissing my personal domestic slave of last year because he did not complete tasks to my satisfaction (totally incompetent actually lol) I decided to try and get another one or two or several

I want someone to come to my home (which is not where I do my Pro Domme stuff ) andbe my domestic slave which will mean doing chores like cleaning or gardening and DIY too as well as the obvious delights (to me) of punishment and pleasure (mine of course)

So to this end I have been searching for this and now have several possibilities one of whom is coming for a trial on Saturday for a few hours and will be doing some jobs for me. I think he will do just fine.

However even before he arrives, I have another one coming around for an hour or so. I think he will also turn out to be just fine so we will see

I am so looking forward to coming home and just being able to relax ….. maybe having my feet bathed and massaged, a drink made and my chores being done .. as well as my other needs being met as and when I feel like it

Roll on Saturday

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Cancelled Session

I have not made an entry this last couple of days as I have been feeling quite rough due to having a cough and cold that I just cannot shake off. Somedays I feel not too bad but today I am struggling again. Can see me having to go to the Docs before long at this rate as it has actually been dragging on almost 2 weeks now.

In fact only today I have had to cancel a session with a sub that I was really looking forward to. It would have been his second time with me and he has such a lovely little whimper when something hurts so good ……. like nipple torture for example. In fact each time I heard it, it made me smile and do it all the more. Definately brings out the sadist in me lol

So I was looking forward to today and pushing him a little further ….

Anyway it has been postponed now until Friday so lets hope I am recovered enough to use and abuse him fully 🙂

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